FSD Written Exam Information


FDNY FSD Written Exam


How Much Does The FDNY Fire Safety Director Test Cost?

The Fee for the FDNY fire safety director test is $25.00. The Examination fee can be paid in cash, check or money order, payable to the New York City Fire Department and must be paid before taking the Certificate of Fitness exam.


How Many Questions Are On the Written Exam?

There are 100 Multiple choice questions on the FDNY Fire Safety Director test  

What Is The Passing Score for the FDNY Fire Safety Director test?

The passing score is 70%, but if you fail you are allowed to take the test one more time on another business day. Failure to pass the test both times, results in you having to take the FSD course over once again.

How Is The Test Administered?

The FDNY Fire Safety Director Test is administered on Touch Screen Computers. The system is user-friendly. No prior knowledge of computer is required.

What Do I Need To Bring To Take The Exam?

You must bring a Verification letter from your employer or employers attesting to your five years of experience in fire prevention and/or servicing building equipment, signed by him/her and notarized. If you’ve been employed for less than five years by your present employer, you may submit additional notarized letters by previous employers for additional experience years. If you are self employed or own a business you must use this Verification Letter. Any combination of notarized letters from past employers verifying fire safety experience which total five years all together will also meet this FDNY requirement.


You must bring the Original certificate of completion from your FSD school.


You will need to fill out a Certificate of Fitness application (Also known as the A-20 form) and also the Fire Safety Directors application (z-50 form). These forms are also available and can be filled out in person in 9 MetroTech.

You must bring two pieces of identification (driver’s license, non-driver’s identification, passport, state or local government ID, credit card with photo).


You must bring the $25 fee or completed waiver of fee form (if you’re a municipal employee).


 What Can I Expect To Be On The Exam?

Test questions for the FDNY Fire Safety Director test include questions regarding the following areas:

1) Fire alarm systems in E and J buildings, including:

a) difference between off-line and out-of-service

b) fire command functions

2) Emergency procedures in E and J buildings, including:

a) fire emergencies

b) non-fire emergencies

3) Training requirements, including:

a) fire brigade

b) fire wardens

c) evacuation supervisor

d) personnel management

e) fire drills

4) Fire suppression systems, including:

a) standpipes

b) sprinklers

c) special extinguishing systems

d) hose in E and J buildings

e) fire pumps

5) E and J-1 building systems (HVAC), including:

a) electrical (general)

b) elevators (general)

c) stairs pressurization

d) maintenance

e) generators

6) General knowledge of Rules of the City of New York (RCNY), including:

a) Hi/Rise Bulletins

b) permits and licenses

c) record keeping

d) inspections of systems

How Much Time Do You Get To Finish The FSD Exam?

The computer station gives you 500 minutes to finish the FDNY Fire Safety Director test. Thats 8 hours and 20 minutes which is plenty of time to finish the exam. There is a rule though that the test must be finished by the end of the business day.


For information on what to expect on test day click here