FSD Practice Test


Fire Safety Director Practice Test

FSDtips.com has created two 100 question Fire Safety Director practice test (s) to get you ready for the FDNY Fire safety Director written exam. Many people take the test without even a clue of how they might do and end up failing. Remember you only get 2 chances to take the FDNY Fire Safety Directors test, and if you fail you must take the course again, so dont be one of the many that fail. Take one or both of the Fire Safety Director practice test (s) and you can gauge how you might do in the actual exam and see what areas you might need to brush up on.

Both Fire safety director practice test (s) cover all areas and topics that you might see on the actual fire safety director written exam. The questions on the Fire safety director practice exam all are based on topics that are on the FDNY written exam, the questions will be similar to the questions asked on the actual FSD written exam. The wording might be different on the actual fire safety director written exam as I can not legally place the same questions on a Fire safety director practice test, But if you know the material and have been studying you will be able to decipher any type of questions thrown your way on the written exam. Use the Fire safety director practice test if need be to see how you might do on the actual exam. Every single topic is covered in the FSD practice test. To take the FSD practice test just click on the links provided below. Good Luck!

—>Fire Safety Director Practice Test 1<—

—>Fire Safety Director Practice Test 2<—

When you finish the Fire Safety Director Practice Test be sure to review your answers to see which ones you got wrong, and the correct answers. When you review the answers they provide you with explanations as well, so you get to see which areas you need to study more on, and get study material right there.

While there is a small fee to take the Fire Safety Director Practice Test, there is a reason for this. Too many people take FSD practice tests as their form of studying for the exam resulting in failures. The wording in the actual tests are different.  You need to know the material to have a full grasp of the questions asked, and how to answer them. You should be taking the Fire Safety Director practice test only after studying and learning the material, to see how much you have learned, and see how you might fare in the actual Fire Safety Director exam taken at Metrotech.

FSDtips.com is currently working on making another Fire Safety Director practice test so you guys can see all the different type of questions the FDNY might ask at the actual exam. Should be up shortly.