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Fire Safety Director

What Is A Fire Safety Director?

In simple terms a Fire Safety Director is just building employees that are certified by the New York City Fire Department, and are designated to implement the building’s fire safety plan in the case of a fire emergency.

A Deputy Fire Safety Director are subordinates to Fire Safety Director and acts as the building FSD in the absence of the Fire Safety Director, they are certified the same way as the building Fire Safety Director.

Where Are FSD’s Required?

Not every building requires an FSD, but most Office and Hotel hi-rise building’s do these are the requirements

Office Buildings

A Fire Safety Director / Deputy Fire Safety Director is required to be on duty when the building is:

• When the building is being occupied or can be occupied by more than 500 people on one or more floors including street level.

• When the building is being occupied or can be occupied by more than 100 people on one or more floors other than street level.


A Fire Safety Director / Deputy Fire Safety Director is required to be on duty when the building:

• Has more than 30 sleeping rooms with in the building

• Has more than 15 sleeping rooms above the first floor

• Is over 75 feet in height

What Does A Fire Safety Director Do?

A FSD has many duties and responsibilities such as

• Putting the building’s Fire Safety and Evacuation plan in action in the case of an emergency

• Reporting to the building’s fire command station upon the receipt of an alarm

• Mans and supervises the fire command station

• Directing the evacuation procedure during a fire or emergency according the building’s Fire Safety Plan

• Recording all information for the fire department

• Making the necessary announcements, communicating information and instructions during emergencies, fires, drills as well as other times.

• Being the designated impairment coordinator who controls your buildings systems status

• Being responsible for the building’s fire prevention plan

• Being the liaison advisor for the Fire Dept. during operations

• Record Keeping of all inspections and drills

• Supervising fire drills and inspections

• Organizing ,training and supervising the building’s Fire Brigade Members

Why Do We Need FSD’s?

FDNY fire personnel responding to emergencies and fires in high-rise buildings often found that no one at the building was knowledgeable about the building’s construction, and location of the buildings fire safety systems, leading to confusion, panic, unneeded evacuations and unnecessary injuries and fatalities. Creating the Fire Safety Director position centered knowledge and responsibility on one individual who could order evacuations, liaison with the FDNY in emergency situations, and protect life and property.

How Much Does A Fire Safety Director Make?

The salary of a Fire Safety Director varies from building to building; many FSD’s already have jobs in the building such as building engineers, building security, or Management of some sort. Indeed.com put the average salary of a Fire Safety Director at $58,000 per year.

Interested in becoming a FSD? Want to further your career by adding an Fire Safety Director certification to your resume?